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Metal braces are necessary for some people whose teeth are very crooked. Just like your natural teeth, a severe trauma to a restoration can cause damage and then your restoration will need to be repeated. When you want your teeth reshaped to a smaller size, let our dentist know. It is very important for a dentist to understand the fear that many patients go through as they are seeking treatment.

Most people who have crooked teeth can wear Invisalign clear aligners and straighten their teeth without wire braces. Years ago you might need to have a tooth pulled if it had a big cavity or lots of tooth decay. When you go out to eat, you should take some sugarless gum with you to get the bacteria out of your mouth after you eat. Digital x-rays can be taken to find out what is going on in your teeth and gums. Brushing away the bacteria from your teeth is just as important if you have dentures as it is with natural teeth.

Some people find that their teeth are poorly shaped, and we can fix that for them.